During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that we are in a unique position to be part of the solution as we have in-depth knowledge and experience of cleaning and how it relates to preventing the spread of illness. We are now seeing an increased demand for professional cleaning services.

A clean home is not just a happy home, it’s a healthy home!

To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we will routinely sanitize your door knobs, light switches & railings in your home with our hospital grade disinfectant along with our normal standard cleaning procedures.

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Our Safety Procedures to Keep Your Family Safe

We have implemented strict procedures to ensure your safety and that of our cleaning staff.

  • Wearing Masks.Cleaning technicians will wear a mask when entering your home and anytime they are within 6 feet of a household member.
  • Temperature Checks. All Cleaning technicians must take their temperature each morning. Any temp over 99 degrees they have been instructed to stay home.
  • Wearing gloves. All technicians will wear gloves when in a client’s home.
  • Hand and Equipment Sanitizing. Our employees are taking extra hygiene steps as they enter and leave homes. These steps include sanitizing hands and wiping down equipment with a disinfectant before entering your home.
  • 100% Microfiber. We use 100% microfiber cloths which remove 98% of bacteria and viruses when used in combination with professional cleaning products. All cloths are cleaned and sanitized and never used in more than one house.
  • Hospital grade disinfectant. We will sanitize door knobs, light switches and railings/banisters. Be aware that when disinfecting surfaces the disinfectant needs to sit wet on the surface to work properly. You may notice us using more cleaner than normal and not drying surfaces.
  • Vacuums. If you prefer we use your vacuum, just let us know.
  • Social Distancing. We ask that our technicians be given 6 feet of social space while cleaning.
  • Staff Illness. If a tech is sick or around anyone that is sick they have been instructed to stay home.

We are taking our role as an essential business in the fight against the COVID-19 virus seriously. We are committed to helping you keep your home clean and sanitized while also limiting the risk to you, your family and our employees.

Please feel free to reach out to the office 360.344.8409 if you have any questions or concerns.