how to keep your house clean and organized

Did you know that keeping your home neat promotes peace of mind and makes you a happier person?

Plus, it prevents you from having to deal with allergies, pests, and illnesses like salmonella and E. coli infections.

So look around. Could you and your family improve your cleaning habits? If so, keep reading and learn easy tips on how to keep your house clean and organized!

1. Make Your Bed

Many people believe making the bed is a waste of time. After all, you’ll be undoing it in about 11 or 12 hours.

But making the bed in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Plus, it means that later you’ll go home to a comfy, made bed. What else could you ask for?

2. Wash the Dishes After You Eat

All you want after enjoying a nice meal is to go to the sofa, watch your favorite show and just unwind. But think about how many times that has led to a huge pile of dirty dishes.

Wash them as soon as you’re done eating and your future self will thank you!

3. Immediately Organize Clothes You Wore

Whether you rehang them, fold them to put them back in a drawer or throw them in the daily load of laundry, just make sure you organize clothes as soon as you take them off.

4. Do a Daily Load of Laundry

This one’s particularly useful if you have a big family.

Among the kids, your partner and yourself, the number of clothing items that go to the laundry basket every day is surely enough for a load of washing.

If you live by yourself you might just need to do laundry every two or three days. Either way, the point is not to let your dirty clothes pile up.

5. Clean Your Sinks and Bath Tub Daily

After you do your morning and night hygiene routine, check for any hairs or spots on the sink or the shower. It only takes a couple of minutes to clean the sink and you’ll thank yourself later when you come back to the toilet and it is nice and clean.

6. Sort Your Mail ASAP

If you know it’s trash, put it there as soon as you realize it. Otherwise, place your letters in a dedicated spot, instead of letting them pile up around the house.

7. Divide Tasks

Unless you live by yourself, you shouldn’t be the only one responsible for keeping your home clean. Assign tasks to everyone in the family and things will be a lot easier to get done.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized… Without Going Insane

With so much to do, keeping your home tidy might seem like way too much work. And so, you either give up on it, or you become way too frazzled about anything that’s not spotless.

The secret is to find the balance between those two.

Your house is supposed to be your sanctuary, not another source of stress.

So adopt our tips on how to keep your house clean and organized, but remember to relax as well. And if you ever need a hand, don’t forget to contact us!