Ceiling fans give you wonderful air circulation, but they’re also infamous for being serious dust collectors.

And since the ceiling fan is often overlooked, that dust and grime can really build up until it feels like it’s overwhelming and impossible to clean.

If you want to know how to clean ceiling fans effectively, check out these five awesome hacks that will make cleaning your ceiling fan a “breeze.”

1. Use an Extendable Duster

If you don’t want to risk climbing on a ladder every time you need to clean your ceiling fan, an extendable duster is a perfect alternative. These long and lean dusters come with a telescoping handle to help you reach those high-up places.

Choose dusters with a removable, machine-washable cover to save you money. Make sure the duster has an angled head so it can reach the flat part of the ceiling fan blades.

2. The Pillowcase Method

Cleaning off your ceiling fan can cause a serious mess as dust and gunk start flying all over the room. Try this easy pillowcase cleaning method to reduce mess and make the process fast and easy.

Take a pillowcase and slip it over the blade of your fan, using it to wipe the dust off the top, bottom, and sides. All the dust will stay on the pillowcase instead of flying all over the room. Repeat this for each blade, then turn the pillowcase inside out and take it outside for a good shake before tossing it into the wash.

3. Don’t Forget the Globe

Some ceiling fans include glass globes that sit over the lightbulbs. This part of your ceiling fan will easily accumulate dust just like the fan blades.

When you consider how to clean ceiling fans, don’t forget this important component. Take the globe off and clean it using warm, soapy water. Once the globe is clean and dry, reattach it tightly so it doesn’t shake or rattle when the fan is on.

4. Tongs and Towels

To get the dust off your ceiling fan blades in a pinch, wrap a towel around a pair of kitchen tongs. Use a rubber band and secure the towel in place so it won’t budge when you dust.

Take your towel-covered tongs and slowly wipe them down the surface of each blade. Since the towel is on each side of the tongs, this method will get both the top and bottom of your fan blades nice and clean in just a few seconds.

5. How to Clean Ceiling Fans with a Vacuum Cleaner

If your fan is covered in dust, a quick vacuuming could do the trick. Make sure you use the brush nozzle on your vacuum to prevent scratching the fan.

If your vacuum attachment is long, you might not need to get on a ladder at all! This method is super fast and easy, and it’s a good option when you want to regularly maintain the fan and keep dust to a minimum.

Cleaning Made Easy

Once you learn how to clean ceiling fans with these hacks, your next cleaning session will be a cinch. Try one or all of them to figure out which method works best for you.

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