So, you have finally made the decision to hire someone to clean your house and now you want to know is it worth it to hire a company that is bonded and insured?

The answer is: That is entirely up to you, but are you willing to take the risk?

A cleaning company that is bonded and insured will protect you from having to assume the costs for injuries, accidental damages or even theft. If you take the chance with an uninsured/unbonded house cleaner then you will have to file on your own homeowner’s policy if something happens, which typically requires a paid deductible.

A good rule of thumb when weighing out insured versus uninsured companies for a home service is to answer these questions: 1.) Will they enter my home, 2.) How long will they be at my home, and 3.) Will they have to go up and down stairs?

It’s always wise to be proactive and most importantly trust your gut when interviewing a home service. A reputable company should always be insured and bonded.